The Horizon Consortium partners formed to build all aspects of the Lapsset Corridor, analysis, develop Renewable Energy, fund and Mitigate Climate Change and record data within the Lapsset Corridor

Afri Fund Capital


Tony Blair Institute

PSECC Ltd staff

Seble Bayu Astatike also works with Credinvest International

Tim Makofu (PSECC) in meetings regarding possible partnership for the Renal Medical Centre for Kiambu.

Gleeds – Project Managers

Armstrong & Duncan Project Management & feasibility studies

PSECC staff that helped deliver Lapsset Corridor

Climate Change Mitigation & Funding

Credinvest International

Allain Mangion

PSECC Ltd collaboration with

University of Greenwich – NRI

Dr Aditya Parma of the University of Greenwich – Natural Resources Institute (NRI) (Crop Post harvest Scientist) on the left &  Dr Marcelo Precoppe (Food & Environment) on the right with Alan Brewer of PSECC Ltd Project Coordinator for the 2020 UK Government funded InnovateUK Round Five AgriTech project- website

Dr Parma has been approached by PSECC Ltd to see if NRI can assist the Lapsset Corridor, in principal yes after formal invitation and project identification.

PSECC Ltd collaboration with

University of Sheffield

We have permission to build the Harvesting the Sun twice projects throughout Kenya.

PSECC Ltd Africa References:

To whom it may concern,

It is with great pleasure that I offer this reference for PSECC and in particularly Alan Brewer for the professional, courteous and efficient project and stakeholder management of the Intergovernmental InnovateUK funded project for which I was the Monitoring Officer. The project involved the successful design and development of a Cassava Hammermill for African countries with their specific requirements given the climate and agricultural environments as well as their financial and resourcing constraints. Their knowledge and understanding of the customer base was exceptional and the ability to combine expertise from partners companies with the local situations was exemplary.

Your sincerely,

Dr Adele-Louise Carter

MD Kiteway Ltd

PSECC Ltd collaboration with

Omnicorp International in Country consultants

New staff from Kenya

PSECC Ltd – Two new graduates will be offered research & development positions with PSECC Ltd and one new Office Manager and Kenya specialists teams appointed in the sectors of Energy, Water & Waste and two apprenticeships offers for the Harvesting the Sun Twice project.