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PSECC Ltd – we have been developing

Solar PV in Kenya since 2012

We provide all funding and solar PV for a Circular Economy & Net ZERO or 1.5 degree C
We have developed the Resource Ownership concept for Kenya Government, which enables a Counties to have Solar PV on Housing stock & schools.

We have developed Free Solar PV programmes in the UK for homes and schools, Also installed seven schools in Hampshire in the UK – The British Army are now building Solar Farms on MoD land following PSECC giving Renewable Energy advice to the MOD – Ministry of Defence in 2006 and the Royal Nave endorsed in June 1996 the PSECC Energy policy written for the City of Portsmouth by Alan Brewer.

Large commercial Solar PV installation – we can do this in the Lapsset Corridor SEZ’s

PV Systems

PV systems have emerged as a sustainable and renewable energy solution, harnessing solar power to generate electricity. However, like any electrical system, PV setups are subject to various factors that can affect their efficiency and performance. One such factor is voltage drop, a phenomenon that can significantly impact the effectiveness of a PV system if not properly managed.

Voltage drop (VD) is the loss of voltage in a circuit due to the resistance in the electrical circuit.

To determine the amount of voltage lost in a circuit, we need to look at three parts:

1. Resistance of the conductor in Ohms (Ω)
2.The length of the circuit conductor,
3.The current flowing through the conductor

The Voltage drop when happens have many effects like:

1- Reduced Efficiency
2- Power Losses
3- System Instability
4- Increased Costs

How to mitigate Voltage drop?!

1- Proper Sizing of Components
2- Shorter Cable Runs
3- Use of High-Quality Materials
4- Regular Maintenance.

Voltage drop is a critical consideration in the design, installation, and operation of PV systems. By understanding the causes and effects of voltage drop and implementing appropriate mitigation strategies, system designers and operators can optimize the performance and efficiency of PV installations, maximizing their potential for sustainable energy generation.

GMbH Solar Container system

Solar Manufacturing growth is outpacing the rise solar PV deployment, creating some risks of imbalance but huge opportunities for the World to accelerate energy transition.

Chinese manufactures will make Solar PV panels available at much lower prices.

Africa Installed Solar PV

Solar PV Systems

Kenya has one of the most active commercial PV system market in sub-Saharan Africa, with an installed PV capacity is in the range of 4 MW. An estimated 300,000 rural households in Kenya have solar home systems and annual PV sales in Kenya are between 10,000-20,000 systems.

Africa Countries Solar Installed status to 2023

e.on Solar PV

WE have been responsible for developing solar PV in the UK and International since 1995.

The World is moving in the right direction….

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