Environmental Management System (EMS) & Environmental, Social Governance (ESG)

Lapsset Corridor Environmental Management & Environmental Social & Governance Systems

Will be helpful for the Green Lapsset Corridor strategy

Ensure GOK & Environmental Compliance, Energy management, Sustainability, Climate Change Mitigation, monitor data, emission control, Environmental Health and well being of people and wildlife

ESHQ – based on the context of environmental discussions, ESHQ could potentially be an abbreviation related to environmental, social, and corporate governance.

  • E – Environment: This represents environmental factors like climate change, pollution, and resource management.
  • S – Social: This represents social factors like labour practices, community engagement, and human rights.
  • H – Health & Safety: It could represent occupational health, community health impacts, or product safety.
  • Q – Quality: This represents the quality of products or services, or the quality of management systems within a company.

Environmental Software helps companies centralize and streamline the tracking and collection of key Horizon Consortium corporate Lapsset Corridor environmental health and safety data and satisfy Environmental Management Systems (EMS) requirements.

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