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Afri-Fund Capital

Funding & Collaborative Partnerships for the Lapsset Corridor

Martin Ngunga In KENYA

Tel: +254 721 614525


Alan Brewer MSc (Director)

COP28 All Nations & all peoples will rise to the challenge of Net ZERO & Climate Change. Governments we are working with & negotiating with – UK, Kenya, Zambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Bulgaria, Ethiopia & Egypt.

We have twenty-eight years of experience in Climate Change Mitigation

Development Director Alan Brewer MSc would be pleased to discuss you requirements.

Central UK Office +44 (0) 2392 – 471860 or Mbl +44 (0) 7510 – 977203

Development: (Alan Brewer MSc)


PSECC Ltd meetings at Lakeside Offices in Portsmouth, UK

Further Government Laiason

Development of Water Dams

Tel: +254 722 813484

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Climate Change Mitigation Adaptive Energy Transition
Let’s work together for a successful Lapsset Corridor and a better Sustainable World.